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Our Mission

The mission of Bluewater United Foundation (BUF) is to unite the Bluewater Bay neighborhood by identifying quality of life issues affecting residents and help propose and coordinate the implementation of solutions.

Re-vitalizing & Enhancing Bluewater Bay

As the Bluewater Bay community infrastructure ages, now approximately 50 years old, there is an increasing need to replace failing infrastructure and renew original community amenities such as bike trails, pools, parks and green space.

The remaining 18 holes of the former Bluewater Bay golf course is still operating under new management. Many other golf course parcels have been sold off to be redeveloped as residential and commercial areas. An unintended consequence of the closings is the issue of future management for numerous golf course lakes and aging stormwater infrastructure. These waterways were intended to remediate stormwater discharging into Choctawhatchee Bay. However, today there are many issues with the maintenance and flooding that need to be addressed. We believe that Bluewater Bay needs a Stormwater Master plan to demonstrate how the system is designed to work and who should maintain it.

Unite for a Better Quality of Life

BUF will introduce a new cadre of advocate services to initiate community re-vitalization and enhancements. Advocate services include various communications, educational venues, legal activities, and studies necessary to identify specific courses of action and to unite community support around the proposed efforts.
BUF plans to work with various community civic, commercial, and government organizations to make changes. And when necessary, BUF will advocate for various referendums that may be put before the voters.

BUF’s approach for these efforts will be accomplished through various committees–staffed by community volunteers–to study quality of life issues and to develop strategies to advocate for solutions. Once a solution and/or enhancement is identified, the board of directors will review, then work to procure both funding and support for implementation.

Board of Directors


Joe Testa

Vice President

Woody Gray


Suzy McDaniel

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