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Bluewater Bay Town Hall – 13 Sep 2022

Please note the videos of the town hall are included at the bottom of this page

Attendees: MSBU BoD, Commissioner Ponder, Kerry Parsons, the Deputy County Attorney, and Public Works representatives.

The Bluewater Bay (BWB) MSBU hosted a “Question and Answer” type town hall meeting to answer BWB residents’ questions concerning our community municipal services. This was a great opportunity to ask the BWB MSBU and county representatives about MSBU’s current and future capability to implement municipal services such as landscaping, on-going golf course re-development, stormwater management, bike paths/sidewalks, parks/greenspace, and other potentially desired municipal services.

The questions Bluewater United (BUF) hoped to have answered during the meeting included the following:

– What are the municipal services currently provided by BWB MSBU and what is the annual cost to each resident?

– Can MSBU municipal services be expanded to improve/expand services such as stormwater management, parks/greenspace, sidewalks/bike trails, golf cart policy/enforcement?

– What is the process and approval chain needed by MSBU BoD to increase services and associated resident annual tax if required?

– Can the BWB MSBU implement “proactive savings accounts” for funding future repair/refurbishment of BWB stormwater infrastructure on both private and public owned property?

– Can Okaloosa County contribute annual funds to a BWB stormwater savings account for the future/emergency maintenance of BWB public stormwater infrastructure?

– Can the MSBU require a special assessment from MSBU residents for a specific BWB municipal service project? What is the general process for this?

– Can the MSBU implement a BWB special assessment to partially fund desired community services/projects in order to gain project priority within the county?

– Is there any coordination between BWB private and public stormwater infrastructure management and maintenance?

– Could the MSBU enter into a private and public partnership to manage and maintain BWB stormwater infrastructure? Has this type of partnership been done before in the county? Or elsewhere to your knowledge? For example: Can an MSBU partner with county (public property) and private HOA/individual/business entities to manage and maintain BWB stormwater infrastructure? What would be some options for implementation?

– What entity is responsible for refurbishing BWB bike and walking trails?

Videos of the town hall meeting are below:

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