Bluewater United


The Bluewater Bay (BWB) community began as a resort community with most if not all the resort features all owned by the BWB Resort entity. Over the past 40 years that changed, and the resort amenities were sold off in pieces along the way.

We believe there is an increasing need to unite the BWB community to preserve and protect the entire community, to help repair and replace aged infrastructure and to help refurbish most of the original community amenities beginning with the walking/bike trails, parks and other green spaces.

Enter, Bluewater United Foundation, Inc. (BUF). BUF is a 501(c)(7) non-profit community support organization. The mission of Bluewater United is to unite the BWB community by identifying issues affecting Bluewater Bay residents’ quality of life and to propose, coordinate, and help fund solutions.

As of March,1 2022, the Bluewater Bay golf course is under new management and that entity is leasing the remaining 18 holes for golf and hopes to purchase the golf course within 2 years. The Pools and Tennis Courts are also separately owned entities. The remaining community is a mix of residential HOAs, not represented areas, a few commercial areas and areas of closed golf course hole being developed. BUF intends to help the for-profit entities and other nonprofits equally with support and to help fund improvements in these amenities as community support dictates.

Most importantly and what separates BUF from all existing entities, is the unbiased ability to bring a new and a much-needed cadre of “community advocate services” to support the community re-vitalization and enhancement efforts. Advocate services include various communication implementations, educational venues, grants, legal activities, and study/analysis services necessary to identify specific courses of action that can be used to gain community support and unite the community around proposed efforts. BUF intends to coordinate the implementation of these and future courses of action across various community civic, commercial, and government organizations that are in positions to implement change within the Bluewater Bay community. And when necessary, BUF will advocate for various referendums that may be put before the voters of Bluewater Bay.

BUFs three current initiatives are:

Bluewater United Foundation