Bluewater United

Bluewater Bay Parks and Recreation

Bluewater Bay Parks & Recreation
Many of Bluewater Bay’s original parks and amenities have been lost and those remaining are underfunded and most need improvements. There are many opportunities to expand and enhance these amenities to improve the quality of life for residents. BUF intends to work with other Bluewater Bay support organizations and the community to help organize and fund improvements.

Specific Initiatives That Are Currently Active

Abram's Park - Sunshade Initiative sponsored by Bluewater United

Provide a Sunshade over Abrams Park Playground equipment

Fund Raising Goal – $40,510

Woodlands Sidewalk Initiative

Project fully funded by Okaloosa County

Walking Trail Bridges Revitalization Initiative

Fund Raising Goal – TBD (Awaiting results of Engineering Assessments)