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Stormwater Master Plan

Storm Water Master Plan
The redevelopment of the golf course over many years resulted in Bluewater Bay’s stormwater infrastructure being fractured among several homeowner associations along with, in most cases, the responsibility for their maintenance and management. A Bluewater Bay Master Stormwater Management Plan that includes modern conservation concepts is critical for the long-term viability of our community. As Bluewater Bay golf course and other areas are developed, management and maintenance of the lakes and other aging infrastructure (such as culverts, levies, etc.) supporting stormwater discharge to the Choctawhatchee Bay needs to be addressed. BUF intends to help the County and entities with support and funding for improvements, largely through grants and donations.
BUF asked the Bluewater Bay (BWB) MSBU to sponsor a Stormwater Committee during a Town Hall meeting on 11 Oct 2022 to explore the scope and grants available to fund future stormwater remediation work at Bluewater Bay through a Public Private Partnership. The new MSBU sub-committee will be Chaired by Joe Testa, President, Bluewater United, and will report progress at monthly MSBU meetings. We encourage BWB residents to attend the MSBU Meeting to follow the progress of this initiative as well as to become informed about other projects being planned and completed via the Bluewater Bay MSBU. A condition of approval by MSBU to approve the sub-committee was agreement that MSBU would not be funding the sub-committee. To allow the committee to proceed, we encourage residents to donate to this initiative through our BUF Stormwater initiative.

Specific Initiatives That Are Currently Active

Exploratory Stormwater Committee

This initiative currently includes three sub-initiatives:

INITIATIVE ONE: Graphical Information System (GIS) for Stormwater Data: Fund Raising Goal – $2,500

INITIATIVE TWO: Stormwater Engineering Study: Fund Raising Goal – $15,000 and 2-5 volunteer support staff

INITIATIVE THREE: Community Stormwater Partnerships: Fund Raising Goal – $15,000 and 5-10 volunteer support staff