Bluewater United

Community Stormwater Partnerships


INITIATIVE THREE: Community Stormwater Partnerships

BUF will support the MSBU “Exploratory Stormwater Committee” by stormwater donated funds and staffing committee volunteers to engage with stormwater parcel owners/stakeholders and the general community on the need for BWB management of its stormwater infrastructure.

  • Community Outreach/Education – Stormwater Management
  • Grant Research/Writing
  • Engagement with Okaloosa County Public Works and Commissioner on the viability of BWB Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Legal Reviews and Opinions
  • Funding Sources
  • Community Planning Consultants

Estimated Cost: $50,000 (Community Planning Consultant)

Fund Raising Goal: $15,000 and 5-10 volunteer support staff

Community Benefit: This effort will assist the MSBU in outreach to the BWB community concerning potential options for providing the management and maintenance of community stormwater infrastructure.

Funds Donated: $0
Volunteer Personnel Staff: 0
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