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Stormwater Engineering Study


INITIATIVE TWO: Stormwater Engineering Study

BUF will support the MSBU “Exploratory Stormwater Committee” by raising funds in support of an engineering study to access BWB stormwater infrastructure viability and estimate the cost/schedule to maintain the system for the next 25 years. In addition, BUF will:

  • Investigate additional sources of funding to include federal/state/local government and private donations and assist the Exploratory Stormwater Committee in pursing these potential sources funding.
  • Investigate community “dual use” recreation opportunities on land/lakes associated with stormwater mitigation (community parks, trails, fishing, greenspace)
  • Assist in obtaining grants associated with stormwater infrastructure maintenance and upgrade

Estimated Cost: $25,000-$50,000 (engineering analysis and report)

Fund Raising Goal: $15,000 and 2-5 volunteer support staff

Community Benefit: This effort will validate the viability of local stormwater infrastructure and provide the basis for future needs of specific stormwater refurbishment and maintenance. In addition, it may provide opportunities for recreational (community parks, trails, fishing, green space) “dual use” of land/lake parcels associated with stormwater mitigation.

Funds Donated: $0
Volunteer Personnel Staff: 0
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